Lynn Walter

“I remember checking in an RVer, a lady in her eighties, who was traveling alone. She arrived at our park after a trip of over a thousand miles. Then, not long after, she was taking her RV on a trip to Mexico, going in a caravan from our resort. I found myself wishing I could go with her. Imagine the adventures! Hearing some of her stories and those from our other residents is one of the perks of my job – I feel privileged!”

-Lynn Walter

That’s from our new Office Manager. She joins The Resort as “new, but….” That’s because she’s been working at our sister park, Silveridge, since 2012.

Lynn knows something about adventuresome people like the ones she often encounters at RV parks — she is one. Although born in Hollywood – yes, THAT Hollywood — she is the only person I’ve met who has experienced life as both a full-time RVer, traveling the West, and as a full-time resident on a yacht in Florida.

There can’t be too many people who’ve had both of those experiences, so I wondered how the yacht-people differed from the RVers. She said, “They are the same. They are wonderful, open people seeking a different way of life, and that makes them particularly interesting. Both groups are full of people who make for great friends, lifelong friends.”

However, after many years on the water and the road, Lynn and her husband were ready to settle down. Those chose Gold Canyon, just down the way from The Resort. Lynn says, smiling, “Our wheels are gone.”

Maybe that’s why she loves to hear those stories from the travellers she meets working at The Resort and from her time at Silveridge.

Asked to sum up the people she encounters at the RV parks, she said this:

There is a ceramic card- and pen-holder on the business counter at Silveridge made by the leader of the ceramics group and given to the office. Guess what? This beautiful piece accidentally broke. The next thing, a replacement was presented to the office. That’s one example of the kind of residents we are lucky enough to have in our parks.

As for her new location, at The Resort, she says, “I love it when people come to inquire about staying here. They just have to look around and the park sells itself. No wonder we expect to be full again this year.”