Mickey Webb

Our new Activities Director, Mickey Webb, came to live in Arizona the way many folks do – one month at a time. She told The Resorter, “My husband and I came to Arizona to spend time with his parents, who live in Apache Junction. One month became two. Two months became three. We spent ten years as snowbirds and now we’ve been fulltime for ten years.”


If Mickey’s husband, Dave Webb, looks familiar, that’s because he’s one of the two founders of the popular local band The Southwest Surfers.

However, when the two met, Dave was running a carpet store in Kansas and Mickey came in with a friend who needed new flooring. “I met Dave over rolls of vinyl flooring,” Mickey remembered. “And then Dave asked me out. On one of our first dates he came to pick me up and I was finishing up changing the oil on my car. That impressed him. He liked the idea of a woman who likes to work.”

Mickey & Dave – Then & Now

And Dave eventually put Mickey to work. After the two migrated to Arizona, Dave and a friend who played drums decided that Arizona needed a Beach Boys tribute band. They assembled one, and with Mickey as the organizer and scheduler, they eventually got to the point where they were doing over a hundred gigs a year as The Southwest Surfers.

They’ve since decided to cut back on performances, and are now only doing shows, no longer accepting new jobs for dance… with one exception.

Mickey says, “I talked them into doing the Halloween Dance at The Resort. I had to beg, so I hope the dance floor will be full.” (Details below.)

Mickey says of her new role as Activities Director, “I am committed to The Resort. So I’m turning over my duties with the band to my husband to focus on and making sure the residents are having fun.”

What Resort fun is she looking forward to? She said,

“We have a great lineup of music and a great lineup of meals.
We’re going to have new dinner shows, and I can’t wait for the Christmas show we’re putting together.
Plus, we’re going to have more breakfasts.
And, during the coffees we’ll be showing videos of the upcoming music groups, so everyone can know what’s coming.”


In addition to the Halloween Dance, join in for the 1st Annual Appetizer Crawl – details on both follow, along with an Events Calendar.