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MICKEY WEBB: “A Woman Who Likes To Work”

By Dale Dauten

Our new Activities Director, Mickey Webb, came to live in Arizona the way many folks do – one month at a time. She told The Resorter, “My husband and I came to Arizona to spend time with his parents, who live in Apache Junction. One month became two. Two months became three. We spent ten years as snowbirds and now we’ve been fulltime for ten years.”

Mickey & Dave

If Mickey’s husband, Dave Webb, looks familiar, that’s because he’s one of the two founders of the popular local band The Southwest Surfers.

However, when the two met, Dave was running a carpet store in Kansas and Mickey came in with a friend who needed new flooring. “I met Dave over rolls of vinyl flooring,” Mickey remembered. “And then Dave asked me out. On one of our first dates he came to pick me up and I was finishing up changing the oil on my car. That impressed him. He liked the idea of a woman who likes to work.”

Mickey & Dave – Then & Now

Mickey & Dave then
Mickey & Dave now

And Dave eventually put Mickey to work. After the two migrated to Arizona, Dave and a friend who played drums decided that Arizona needed a Beach Boys tribute band. They assembled one, and with Mickey as the organizer and scheduler, they eventually got to the point where they were doing over a hundred gigs a year as The Southwest Surfers.

They’ve since decided to cut back on performances, and are now only doing shows, no longer accepting new jobs for dance… with one exception.

Mickey says, “I talked them into doing the Halloween Dance at The Resort. I had to beg, so I hope the dance floor will be full.” (Details below.)

Southwest Surfers

Mickey says of her new role as Activities Director, “I am committed to The Resort. So I’m turning over my duties with the band to my husband to focus on and making sure the residents are having fun.”

What Resort fun is she looking forward to? She said,

“We have a great lineup of music and a great lineup of meals.
We’re going to have new dinner shows, and I can’t wait for the Christmas show we’re putting together.
Plus, we’re going to have more breakfasts.
And, during the coffees we’ll be showing videos of the upcoming music groups, so everyone can know what’s coming.”

In addition to the Halloween Dance, join in for the 1st Annual Appetizer Crawl – details on both follow, along with an Events Calendar.


Appetizer Crawl Info


Click for a PDF
Events Brochure


Halloween Flier


Click for a PDF
Events Brochure


By Dale Dauten


Doug continues his quest for everyone in both The Resort and Silveridge to have great HD TV service. He started with the year-round residents, and now, as others return, he helps them get connected. “Mostly everything is fine, but if there’s a problem, it’s evident,” he reports. “They might be missing channels at first, but I’m able to fix it and make sure everything is set.”

The only issue has come from residents who hook up their own cable: “I really want to make sure it’s done right, one home at a time. It isn’t so much a problem now, but when the internet is running, we need to make sure there isn’t noise coming into the system from a unit that isn’t properly hooked up or that has internal problems.”

Once you know when you’ll be arriving, please contact the Front Desk and they’ll get you on Doug’s calendar.


If you’re in residence at The Resort, you’ll be getting high-speed internet soon. Doug has completed the big project there, the one he refers to as “the beast” – that’s his work to insure quality by splitting the whole-park system at The Resort into three smaller systems. That meant boring for 600 feet of new two-inch conduit, then pulling 650 feet of cable through those new pipes.

underground wiring for cable

Meanwhile, Cox has installed the remaining equipment needed to make the system work. The photos below show the equipment that connects the internal circuits to the internet and the larger box holds the CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) which, Doug explains, “That’s what lets the modems in the park talk to the outside web.”

underground wiring for cable
underground wiring for cable

The upshot is that Doug has begun testing the new internet prior to hooking up Resort residents. So, the beast has been tamed – BRAVO! to Doug for all his work.

While The Resort’s internet is being tested, internet at Silveridge is not far behind. Doug tells us, “Last month, we were waiting on Cox and I said I feel like a sailboat sitting there waiting for a wind. Well, we just got a breeze coming up: Cox plans to connect the fiber cable to Silveridge the first week of October. After that we can get rolling.” Stay tuned.



Our performance is Dec.10 and our practices start on October 30.
They are in the ballroom at 2:30-4:00 on Mondays.
Any newcomers are welcome to participate.


underground wiring for cable

And, lastly, allow us to brag a bit…

We recently received a delightful letter from a couple who’ll soon be joining us as residents. It was a such nice tribute that we asked the senders if we might reprint it here. Thank you to the Wilsons – we look forward to having them join us at The Resort.

Sept 21, 2017

This is an email to inform you of the wonderful experience we had visiting The Resort last Thursday morning, Sept. 14th, 2017.

We had arrived in the Mesa area on Monday, the 11th of September. Our visit was to discover a location that we would enjoy living in.

We had been in South Texas for the past two winters. However, prior to that, we had visited the Phoenix valley on numerous occasions.

Our trip in Monday had taken us to at least four parks. Then on Tuesday, we had visited at least twenty-five parks on that day. Maybe two had caught our attention. Wednesday we proceeded to look again, this day we looked at probably twelve. We went back to at least four of the previous parks that we had already been to since Monday. However, we just were not satisfied. Thursday morning after a quick search on the computer, we came across The Resort. They say timing is everything! I don’t know how we had missed it previously but, we had. After breakfast, we set out to continue looking and thinking we were going to have to settle for what we had already seen.

When we pulled into the drive of The Resort, we immediately liked what we saw. From there we pulled through the gate and proceeded to the parking area in front of the building. We were already impressed with the appearance, the cleanliness of the park. I told my husband as we pulled in and parked that ” this reminded me of one of the spots in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, that we had visited on one of our cruises.” He agreed. The design of the front building was inviting with its blue sail design entrance. At least that’s what it reminded us of.

We both looked around before going into the office. The pool, the design of the building and the layout was unreal. We have visited a lot of parks in different states, but this one just captured us both. The Resort offers amenities not offered in a lot of the parks. We feel The Resort is an exceptional value with all it offers the residents.

We then entered the office where we met Lynn. She was very courteous, polite and professional. She answered our questions and she invited us to go look around more. She informed us of a lot and ask us if we would like to see it. So, out we went.

We proceeded to look around. We liked the lot that she had informed us about. We returned to the office and let her know that we were going to take the lot. She then informed us of other things that would be going on and answered our other questions. She was very informative and polite. Then she introduced us to Rhonda, the manager. Both were very professional yet down to Earth and answered all our questions. Rhonda took us over to show us more of the park and inform us of other things going on in the Resort. She also made you feel as if you already belonged there.

We will be moving into our lot the first week of October. We are looking forward to being there this year and making new friends, acquaintances, and good memories.

I will be sending a follow up email later this year of our experiences.

Mike and Lisa Wilson