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We’ll have a new Activities Director, Mickey Webb, starting September 5th. The Resorter will feature a profile of her in the next edition, but meanwhile, here is her first letter to residents.

Mickey Webb here,

I am TRULY excited and honored to have been chosen to serve all of you as Activity Director for the 2017-2018 winter season.

I have lived and been a part of an “over 55” community for 7 years, as well as being involved in the planning and entertainment management industry for 12 years.

The previous 2 years I have been in the management office at Golden Sun RV Resort.

I do look forward to meeting and getting acquainted with each and every one of you as you arrive back from your exciting summers.

I get into my office at The (best) Resort on September 5. At that time I will learn of the many activities already planned and see what your normal activities are. I am not looking to change all the great activities, but with your help and advice, we will continually improve and adjust for the better this winter season and for the immediate years to come.

I so look forward to enjoying serving you and enjoying all the great fun WITH you. I will get schedules and itineraries for you as soon as I settle in and sort things out. Thanks for your patience and help as we enjoy another wonderful winter together.

Yours in Service,


“It either tells me, The Job is Done or Get to Work”

By Dale Dauten

It’s been three months now that Doug Walker has been working six-day weeks, getting the new HDTV and Internet service up and running. His efforts are paying off. He says of those year-rounders who have the new television service,

“Everyone is ecstatic with the picture. And once I get someone set up, it’s beautiful – I haven’t a single person call me to come back and fix a problem.”

Doug credits some of that success to his latest high-tech accessory, a $3000 signal tester. “I plug it in and it either tells me that the job is done, or get to work.”

(Based on his experience with year-round residents, about one-quarter had issues with the wiring from the pedestal to the unit or the wiring inside the home that needed to be addressed to insure a quality HD signal.)

The big challenge for the last few weeks has been getting ready for all the folks who’ll be coming back this fall, especially those in RV spaces. “Those RVs and mobile homes have some challenging wiring,” he told us. “The splitter inside most RVs, the one used for the antenna, can have issues passing high-definition signals.” Plus, he found plenty of issues with the old wiring:

“Some service drops had four splices in 40 feet of cable, and I also found 2-way splitters buried underground. So I wanted to fix everything and certify that every cable on every space was ready to go. I realized how much work I had to do when I picked ten spaces to test and seven of them didn’t pass. I replaced approximately 2400 feet of service-drop cable. And when each space was complete, I attached a tag on the cable attached to the power meter.”

Doug sent us a photo of some of that old cable piled in the back of his truck.

Old Wiring

Going forward, Doug has focused on getting ready for the new internet service. He sent us photos of the work to lay new cable in underground conduit.

July 4th Party
July 4th Party


When I asked about the schedule for the new internet service, Doug sighed and said, “We need for Cox to get the fiber optic cable to us. They were held up by having to get permits from the City of Mesa. Those permits have been issued and I hope everything will be ready by the end of September, but then again, it all depends on Cox. I feel like a sailboat with no wind — I’m just waiting.”

But Doug brightened when he added, “You can report that everything on our end will be done within two weeks. Everything will be ready and it will be tight. We will be set to go.”


In case you missed it, here’s a downloadable PDF of the new HD TV channel lineup.

New channel Lineup

Click Here


There’s a new section at our park’s website, We’ve taken many of the articles that have appeared in The Resorter, and rolled them into “The People of the Park.” Here’s a chance to read (or reread) stories about Rhonda, Al, and Lynn and some of our most interesting residents, including Jerry Maryniuk, the Rupperts and the Bixlers.

(To nominate someone for future profiles, contact our Editor, Dale Dauten, at



The Resort Pickleball Club endeavors to provide a variety of recreational and competitive play opportunities to residents and their guests.

We are committed to providing an environment that reflects our core values of respect, fairness, integrity, safety and fun.

Our facilities include four high quality, dedicated pickleball courts with night lighting, storage space, bleachers, and bicycle racks.

Pickleball has been touted as the fastest growing sport in North America not only for its fitness benefits, but also for the social aspects of the game. If you are a part of this revolution or have heard of it and would like to give it a go, you will be pleased by our friendly welcome to new members.

Membership fees are just $10 per person which are used to purchase balls, and miscellaneous necessities approved by the club’s elected leadership. Come play pickleball at The Resort.

Fun, sun and exercise. Life hardly gets better than this!


Check out the website for our quilters…

The Resort Quilt club home page

A photo from the 5th Annual Lapidary/Silversmith gathering…

Lapidary Silversmith Club