August 2021 Newlsetter

A conversation with

George Igualt


Dale Dauten

I recently got the chance to sit down with George Igualt, who heads the management company for The Resort and Silveridge. I started by asking him to reflect back on the ’20-’21 season with all its pandemic-related challenges.

GEORGE: Looking back, I think it was a victory for our parks, compared to what other parks were doing. A lot of parks shut down everything, but our management teams and our Activities Directors came through. They refused to just throw up their hands and give up; instead, they managed to carry on, safely and responsibly.

For one thing, we’re lucky that we have a lot of outdoor space and facilities. So pickleball and tennis and the other outdoor activities kept going — limited to in-park participation, but they carried on.

And the Activities Directors moved some entertainment from indoors to outdoors, and while they had to limit the number of people and change some food choices, with the help of all the volunteers they kept the spirit of the park alive even as they navigated uncharted territory. The show still went on.

And what’s going on now, over the off-season?

GEORGE: I gave a tour of the park to someone recently and they commented on how great it looks. And I said, “It should.” And what I meant by that is that I believe that all of us who work on the parks have a responsible to have them in top-notch shape for the residents. Always. Year round. And we have a team who is committed to that philosophy.

Here’s what we’re working on at The Resort in the off-season, beside the usual tree-trimming, landscape maintenance and the painting of buildings and the like: We have upgrades to the softball field – new clay is coming in August and we have a new infield sprinkler system – and, we are getting covered parking by the laundry room – this will match the awnings over the balcony and at Studio 55 and help bring together a consistent look for the park.

And while we’re talking about high standards for the park, I want to acknowledge the work of our Maintenance Manager, Mike Hacker. When I picked him for the job, he was really thrown into the fire. And he took over and has gotten more and more efficient. He truly understands the property and the people and I have complete trust in him. With Mike, every issue just gets handled. I think of him and I think of one word: efficient.

And what are your expectations for the new season at The Resort? It’s coming up fast.

GEORGE: I can’t wait. We have such a great facility and such a great team that I love watching it come together. It starts with [Manager] Lynn Bohl. She is the rock of The Resort – so professional, so cool and in control. And she has a great team, and of course, all the wonderful volunteers.

It’s unfortunate that Ann Christensen had to step down as Activities Director, but Margie Koboski stepped right in and stepped up big time. And now she’s recruited Teresa Wilcox to work with her as co-Director and that is an awesome team. It’s going to be a great year.

And speaking of that awesome Activities team, we asked the Activities folks for some highlights of what to expect in the coming season…

A message from

The Resort Activities Office

Here it is August already and it’ll be Fall in no time. We at the Activities office have another fun season at The Resort planned for you and we are looking forward to seeing all of you.

Margie, Teresa and The Activities Office Volunteers

We asked Margie Koboski (co-Director of Activities along with Teresa Wilcox) for her thoughts on the upcoming season:

“Here are just two of the events I’m most looking forward to…


“The Halloween dance is one of my favorites – it’s the first dance of the season and everyone is excited to get the season going. Plan on it for October 29th. This year we have added a meal with the dance, which is something new. Best of all, I look forward to all costumes that people come up with — we have some very talented and creative people in our Park.”

Margie added, “We have all waited so long to get our dancing shoes on. All of us line-dancers will be specially happy!!! (Maybe I can even get some people to roll on the floor with me when they play ‘Proud Mary.’)”


“Another favorite of mine,” Margie told us, “is the Christmas Golf Cart parade and chili feed afterwards. People decorate their golf carts with a Christmas theme, and drive up and down every street in the park. Then afterwards we have a chili feed and music in the Main Hall for everyone that wants to come. Last year we had about 50 carts…..Let’s try for more this year. Mark your calendar: December 13th for this one.”


Here are some of the earliest events of the new season:

October 25th, Monday – Appetizer Crawl (more details to follow)

October 29th, Friday – Dinner and Halloween Dance with Greywolf Band. (Start thinking about your costume!)

November 10th, Wednesday – Craft Sale and burritos

November 11th, Thursday – Veterans Day Ceremony

November 22nd, Monday – Welcome Back Party with Splash Band

AND, there will of course be…

Bingo and Bingo Dinners,


and Breakfasts,

all starting in November.


Plus, the folks at the Activities Office will pack the season with dances, comedians, concerts, the Christmas Golf Cart Parade, and lots more. They can’t wait and hope you feel the same way.

Get involved

For those of you wanting to meet people and make a difference by volunteering in the park, there will be an information meeting in November. Stay tuned for details!

* * *

Margie also passed along some photos. First, some of the classes going on over the summer (line dancing, water aerobics and yoga), as well as social get-togethers (a 4th of July singalong and a Studio 55 happy hour).