March 2020 Newsletter

The Secret of a Long Marriage?

We’ve got the answer.

By Dale Dauten

For centuries people have been asking, What is the secret to a long marriage? And now we have the answer: Having a place at The Resort.

Or at least that’s how it seemed after Activities Director Ann Christensen decided to host a luncheon honoring those Resort couples who’d been married for 50 years or longer. She set aside January 28th for the event. “I was expecting maybe 20 or 30 people,” she told us. “But the names kept coming in and coming in – we ended up with 208 people.”

That was enough for the Arizona Republic to send a reporter and photographer, and indeed it was a newsworthy event. In addition to lunch, Ann and her crews passed out flowers, Chuck Kish sang love ballads, and Charlene Culver opened the proceeding with jokes and with the search for the couples who’d been married the longest. The crowd so enjoyed the special atmosphere that they seemed reluctant to leave.

Of the 100+ couples in attendance, there were four who had been married the longest, each at 67 years.

Left to right, Dottie and Len Barlow, Phyllis and Moe Moeller, LaVonne and Carl Neff, and Cleone and Lloyd Denzine

Asked that familiar question, the one about the secret of a long marriage, we heard about several admirable traits. Moe was the most practical of the group, saying that he fell for Phyllis because she was such a good cook, adding, “and she still is.”

LaVonne Neff said of Carl, “He has always been a hugger. I didn’t come from that – I had to learn.”

The Denizens had a list: “Patience, lots of love and lots of laughter, and being willing to give.”

And Len and Dottie also offered a list: “Listening, forgiveness, faith and saying ‘I love you’ everyday.” When we asked about saying “I love you,” Len added, “We say it every time we leave each other’s presence.”

So we have lots of “secrets” to a long marriage, including that special one, spending time together at The Resort.