New Writer’s Group!

Starting soon, I will be leading a group of residents experimenting with writing up their memories, or writing stories, essays and/or newsletter articles.

So far we have nine people signed up and we welcome more. Several of the folks in the new group have stated that they haven’t written anything since their high school or college days. No problem. We all have stories and my goal is just to help them get out and down on paper.

We’ll have fun and produce some stories/essays/articles for the residents of the park, and perhaps something your relatives will cherish.

Members so far…

Judy Ames
Lois Oberg
Judy Samuelson
Shirley Elliott
Myrna Harrison
Sharon Van Lieu
Alice Plale
Charlene Culver
Andie Flanagan

Let me know if you want to join in – send me an email at or tell the folks at the office to let me know you’re interested.